What makes us different is that we offer a blend of communications, HR and marketing to unlock performance within organisations
What makes us different is that we offer a blend of communications, HR and marketing to unlock performance within organisations

At M&P Partners we’re always looking to do
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Founded in late 2014, M&P grew out of a frustration with the way organisations manage and engage their people, one of the most critical elements to achieving success in business. Bringing together the disciplines of communications, human resources and marketing, we challenged ourselves to take this on, to integrate our thinking and do it better.

What have we found so far?  There is no silver bullet, but there are better ways of achieving success by digging into the employee experience to understand the engagement drivers better. Read more about how we work.

Using the creative and intellectual tension between HR and communications teams can also produce great things. That’s how Megan and Penny first started working together, before they started M&P, as part of the team that created the award-winning EVP (employee value proposition) for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. View some of the EVP creative on the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slQahKU4TEs

Our aim is for our team of HR professionals, communicators and marketers to continually get better and, together with our clients, go further than we could have imagined. Our current projects span global and ASX listed companies, medium-sized private companies, NFPs and government departments.


Megan Dwyer

Director, M&P Partners

Megan is a highly skilled HR professional whose 25-year career has been shaped by her passion to create environments that enable people to work more productively and to deliver success for organisations. This is something she does with gusto for her clients and in equal measure within her own business and with her own people. It’s what motivates her every day.

Megan is a deep and strategic thinker whose clients value her depth of experience implementing HR strategy, organisational design and development programs covering all stages of the employee lifecycle. She has done this for companies such as ANZ, Bendigo Bank, St George Bank, Vodafone, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Westpac, Victorian WorkCover Authority, NAB and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and more recently for Orica, Cbus and AustralianSuper. Megan has an uncanny ability to problem solve with her clients, always uncovering the root cause of an underlying issue. She builds strong and enduring relationships, based on honesty, integrity and authenticity.

In fact, Megan is authentic in her approach to all things, including her pursuit of the perfect coffee. One of Megan’s most frequently asked questions in the office is “Can we do this over coffee?” Outside the office, she’s often found perfecting her tennis stroke and immersing herself in the exploration of food, cultures and communities when travelling with her family. She’s also kicking goals as a Board Member of the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).




Penny Edmondson

Director, M&P Partners

Penny has spent the last 20 years (and counting) helping organisations in England and Australia to more effectively engage with consumers and employees. Penny is a communication professional with a unique fusion of experience across marketing, advertising and communication. Her marketing background allows her to provide a more sophisticated approach to understanding employee behaviour and shifting mindsets. Since co-founding M&P Partners, Penny applies this approach to her clients’ organisations to help them understand employee behaviour.

Delving into problems and distilling strategic and creative thinking is Penny’s forte, and is the most challenging and rewarding part of what she does. She has put these talents to excellent use for many companies including, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Olympus, Seek.com, BHP, Cbus, AustralianSuper, Orica, Amcor, Ansett, Minter Ellison, Mt Buller, Monash University.

Penny’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious; she loves a good podcast and sharing insights and learnings about her field, probably a consequence of growing up with a teacher for a mum! Throw in a military man for a father, and Penny also applies precision thinking to strategic solutions for her clients that are unique, creative and clever.

Penny commits to everything flat out. When she’s not falling flat on her face in the pursuit of abs of steel, or breaking her heel just before event managing her first IABC function, she’s breaking new ground fusing marketing, communication and HR to nail her clients’ communication strategies.

Samantha Quigley

Senior Consultant

Sam is a passionate and creative advertising and brand specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in advertising and brand development at agencies such as TBWA and Box Emery. There, she serviced major clients such as Simplot, Pacific Brands, Ansell, Yakka and the ACCC. Sam brings her creative flair, strong brand building and project management skills to the M&P team, where she can often be found managing the design and production of our clients’ collateral effortlessly and seamlessly from end-to-end.

Sam loves being part of the M&P team because it has opened her eyes to how incredible it feels to be part of an engaged and open workplace where everyone supports one another. She also loves the variety in client work and the fact that no two days are the same. In the office, Sam entertains us all with her straight-talking wit. Words you’ll never hear us say to Sam are: “Tell us what you really think Sam.” Also, if you have food in your teeth, Sammy’s the one most likely to tell you first!

Slavica Buhin

Senior Consultant

Slavica is a skilled HR professional with lots of runs on the board (more than 20 years’ worth) working on major cultural change projects. She has expertise in project coordination and governance support for large scale, multi-team projects and has worked in a broad range of roles at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Westpac Banking Corporation. Slavica is highly regarded as an analyst and systems thinker, and for her ability to effectively run the Project Office disciplines for many large and small-scale change projects.

Slavica loves the work she does at M&P because of the diversity and the collaborative nature of the team. We all marvel at her organisational skills. She is a force to be reckoned with! She also has the amazing ability to crystallise a complex process effortlessly; it’s her super power. At M&P, Slavica keeps our ‘goodies’ box topped up with calorie laden delights, (while hardly eating any herself), so basically, she’s the most-loved person in the office. Until we can’t do up our jeans anymore.

Bianca Quarrell

Senior Consultant

Bianca is a vibrant and energetic communication professional who has honed her strategic communication skills over the past 20 years across a variety of industries and high-profile companies including Cadbury, Foster’s, Melbourne Airport and Ansett Australia. Bianca loves finding creative communication solutions and creating strategies that truly connect with employees. She also has a real knack for taking complex information and distilling it to make it simple and easy for any audience to understand.

Bianca loves the work she’s doing at M&P because she feels completely connected to the purpose of the business, as well as to the M&P team itself. Also, she enjoys using the power of storytelling to connect with employees because, let’s face it, she loves to tell a good story. In the office, Bianca’s the one most likely to be (trying) to entertain us with her funny tales. But we like to keep her around anyway. When she’s not writing for clients, she’s writing for pleasure, or can be found whacking a ball around the tennis court or chasing down her two sons.

Jemma Peiper

Senior Consultant

Jemma is a talented HR professional with more than 15 years’ experience across a range of industries including engineering, professional services and finance in both Australia and the UK. Companies Jemma has worked for include Jacobs Engineering, PWC, Ernst & Young and AXA. Jemma’s skill set is diverse, enhanced by her warm manner and ability to work collaboratively with people at all levels within an organisation. At M&P Partners, Jemma has brought her HR and project management talents to bear on projects such as: values workshops, restructures, job design, redeployment, recruitment, onboarding and all its resulting change management activity.

Jemma is inspired by the positive impact she sees her work has on our clients’ businesses and people. She loves helping people bring more meaning to the work they do. She thrives on the variety at M&P and the respectful and supportive working environment. She also thrives on baked potatoes – especially the ones served just up the road from our office. Evidently, her daughter Sophie also thrived on them as she arrived happy and healthy in July last year!

Stacey Harrison

Senior Consultant

Stacey is a passionate and talented communication professional who loves telling stories and finding new ways to connect employees to business purpose, strategy and values. With more than 10 years’ experience in corporate communication across a range of sectors, Stacey has worked in a variety of internal and external communication roles for companies including BAE Systems Australia, Jemena, Alinta and Dairy Australia. Her breadth of experience includes managing employee communication functions, developing strategies that have improved employee engagement and working on complex change programs. She is highly regarded for her drive and ability to build enduring relationships.

Stacey values the positive impact that M&P has on organisations and their people. She relishes the variety of work and the opportunity to develop solutions that provide a fusion of HR, marketing and communication. In the office, she is the one most likely to wear something new every day because, outside of work, she never misses a sale (much to her husband’s despair). She is also working on getting her two young children to sleep through the night (much to her own despair)!

Emma Stonier


Emma is more than halfway through her double Bachelor degree in Commerce and Science at Monash University, because one degree just wasn’t enough for this girl! During her brief stint with us on a work experience placement, we were blown away by her curiosity, conscientiousness and willingness to give anything a go. It’s no surprise we snapped her up to work with us in a Co-ordinator role.

Emma enjoys feeling valued as part of our team here at M&P. She is inspired by feeling connected to our purpose and our people; and the feeling is entirely mutual (except when we’re all stuffing our faces full of chocolate and she’s strong enough to stick to her healthy trail mix). When she’s not being a superstar in the office or studying for exams and writing essays, you’ll probably find her somewhere in the great outdoors either running or walking her beautiful pup Archie.