"I am still learning."
Michelangelo, age 87
"I am still learning."
Michelangelo, age 87

What is M&P Studio?


Sharing insights and cultivating knowledge within our own people and our industry is something we’re passionate about.

That’s why we’ve set up M&P Studio.

M&P Studio provides workshops and coaching sessions for communication and HR professionals looking to improve their knowledge and skill set when it comes to unlocking employee potential.

Our first course Good Writing is Powerful: how to write with confidence, clarity and cut through is receiving great participant feedback.

“Really enjoyed this course. Thought the content and information provided was well tailored.”

“Very informative and worthwhile, thank you.”

“Positive and helpful. Taught me to be more clear and concise in writing …”


The course has been designed for professionals from any discipline, at any level, who want to communicate with more confidence and credibility to increase their organisational influence, profile and persuasive power. Whether a leader or working towards it, everyone needs to write well to be influential.

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