Penny Edmondson
Saying Goodbye

“We only said goodbye with words.  I died a hundred times.”


― Amy Winehouse, Back to Black


When it’s time to say goodbye in the workplace employees often don’t say what they’re really feeling.


Ask employers why people quit a company and many will answer money. But research shows (Globoforce) that with the exception of some low-income workers, many aren’t leaving their job for more money, unless pay is disproportionately lower than industry or company rates.


Get behind the words. Prevent the metaphorical ‘I’m so frustrated/ undervalued/uninspired I could die’ moments.


Don’t rely on exit interview data. An employee’s decision is invariably already made by then. Don’t rely on employee engagement survey results. Their value is only proportionate to the subsequent actions that were taken AND had a positive impact.


Find out what’s holding your people back as a regular part of defining and delivering on your HR strategy. When was the last time you looked at underlying attitudes and behaviours, not just the stats on how engaged your people are?